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July 2015 Web Server Survey

In the July 2015 survey we received responses from 849,602,745 sites and 5,350,323 web-facing computers. This represents a net loss of 13.5 million websites, but a gain of 3,700 additional computers.

One of the most significant changes in July was the net loss of nearly 13,000 web-facing computers powered by Microsoft web server software, accompanied by a decline of more than 29 million hostnames. The loss was predominantly seen for servers running Microsoft IIS 6.0, 7.0 and 7.5. These versions of IIS are used by Windows Server 2003, which is no longer supported, and Windows Server 2008 (including 2008 R2), whose mainstream support ended in January. The latest stable release of IIS (version 8.5) is however continuing to grow, this month increasing by over 9,000 web facing computers.

This month's decline has brought Microsoft's market share of hostnames down by nearly 3 percentage points, increasing Apache's lead. However, Apache's own market share also fell slightly, largely due to gains made by nginx and Tengine.

nginx gained 8.5 million sites this month, but more remarkably, it gained over 14,000 web-facing computers, with the largest gains in the US, China, Germany and the UK. Compounding Microsoft's losses, nearly 1.8 million existing websites switched from using Microsoft IIS to nginx in July.

nginx also fared well amongst the top million websites, where it gained a further 3,771 sites, causing losses for Apache, Microsoft and Google. Nonetheless, Apache is still used by nearly half of the top million sites, with its market share being almost 26 percentage points ahead of nginx.

Tengine now powers more websites than Google's web server software, after the number of sites using it grew by 7 million to a total of more than 25 million this month. The open source Tengine web server is based on nginx, and used extensively by the online marketplace Taobao. It currently supports all features found in nginx 1.6.2, plus several other features required by Taobao that were not able to be implemented as nginx modules. Neither nginx nor Tengine support HTTP/2 yet, but they were both early supporters of Google's SPDY protocol, on which HTTP/2 is based. nginx plans to provide support for HTTP/2 by the end of this year, and so it is likely that Tengine may also follow suit at a later date.

Tengine 2.1.0 is the latest development version of Taobao's nginx fork, but despite being released more than six months ago, only 25,000 websites currently claim to be using it. In contrast, Tengine 1.4.2 — which was released in 2012 and is also a development version — is used by nearly 10 million sites, making it by far the most commonly deployed version. The latest stable release, Tengine 1.5.2, is the second most commonly used version, but accounts for just under 200,000 sites.

But like Apache, more than half of the sites running Tengine do not reveal which version they are running, and so the true distribution of version numbers could vary greatly. For instance, 2.7 million of these version-less Tengine websites are used to host Taobao stores directly under the domain (e.g. Given that Tengine was created by Taobao in order to provide the features they need, it is not unreasonable to assume that these sites might be using the latest release, or at least a relatively recent one.

Despite being used by a large number of sites, Tengine was found on only 4,240 web-facing computers in July 2015. Three-quarters of these computers are located in China, while nearly 10% are located in the US. 

Just In Case You You Were Courious !



By "Website" we mean unique hostname (a name which can be resolved, using a name server, into an IP Address).
It must be noted that around 75% of websites today are not active, but parked domains or similar. [1]


Websites Change Internet Users Users per
Websites launched
2014 968,882,453 44% 2,925,249,355* 3  
2013 672,985,183 -3% 2,756,198,420 4  
2012 697,089,489 101% 2,518,453,530 4  
2011 346,004,403 67% 2,282,955,130 7  
2010 206,956,723 -13% 2,045,865,660 10 Pinterest
2009 238,027,855 38% 1,766,206,240 7  
2008 172,338,726 41% 1,571,601,630 9 Dropbox
2007 121,892,559 43% 1,373,327,790 11 Tumblr
2006 85,507,314 32% 1,160,335,280 14 Twttr
2005 64,780,617 26% 1,027,580,990 16 YouTube, Reddit
2004 51,611,646 26% 910,060,180 18 Thefacebook, Flickr
2003 40,912,332 6% 778,555,680 19 WordPress, LinkedIn
2002 38,760,373 32% 662,663,600 17  
2001 29,254,370 71% 500,609,240 17 Wikipedia
2000 17,087,182 438% 413,425,190 24 Baidu
1999 3,177,453 32% 280,866,670 88 PayPal
1998 2,410,067 116% 188,023,930 78 Google
1997 1,117,255 334% 120,758,310 108 Yandex
1996 257,601 996% 77,433,860 301  
1995 23,500 758% 44,838,900 1,908 Altavista, Amazon, AuctionWeb
1994 2,738 2006% 25,454,590 9,297 Yahoo
1993 130 1200% 14,161,570 108,935  
1992 10 900%      
Aug. 1991 1       World Wide Web Project
* estimate for July 1, 2014
Note: Each year's data for "Websites" refers to the total number at the end of June (mid-year)
Source: NetCraft and Internet Live Stats (elaboration of data by Matthew Gray of MIT and Hobbes' Internet Timeline and Pingdom)



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